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PREMIERE: 26.10.2022 - 19:30

The Hype²² is an interpretation of a dance production by Transitheart Productions / Ilona Roth from 2012. 10 years later the methods of the production are being revisited and partly re-created with a team of five guest dancers from South Korea.

The original piece was reflecting individual movements deriving from different spatial patterns and contained a reflection about how a mass of parameters, an overflood of information, can be portrayed by a moving dancer’s body. Mathematical and musical patterns align to form the movement, it’s a study about time, space, and its intersections. It’s a game with chores, deflections, and coordination played on the instrument of the body.

Credits: Concept, Dramaturgy & Directing: Ilona Roth Choreography assistance & Supervision: Jung In Lee Co-Choreography & Dance: Ahn Se Young, Moon Seo Jin, Won Hyo Min, Choe Su Young, Moon Kyoung Hyoun


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