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Ludlgasse, Linz, Österreich

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Interactive Dance Performance, Photo by: Fivos Salahas
10+10 Brücken
Tanz/Theater/Video Projekt ab Herbst/Winter 2016.
The Hype
The Hype (2012/14) - Dance Performance. Foto by Fivos Salahas
The Hype in Gallery
2013 - Photo by Fivos Salahas
The Hype Premiere @ Posthof
Foto by Miroslaw Dworczak
Poptries Photoshoot @ MARK Salzburg
Photography: Fivos Salahas, sensoreye productions
2014 @ nextcomic Festival, picture by Ilona Roth
picture by Fivos Salahas
Villaggio - Dance Film
picture by Violetta Wakolbinger
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